The first live Graphic Design Competition on Rokkakus

Moscow, Russia, 8 & 9 May 2009

Kites used to be great flying machines during wars in China, to observe from flying platforms. They were also used for all sorts of things like fishing in north Salawesi (Indonesia) since hundreds years ago, used to pull radio antenas (the Marconi invention or radios antenas used to be saved after a plane crash during the world war II used by english) or pelenty of other inventions with kites : “www.carnetdevol.org”

Today, kites are kids games and for fewer people, adults games.
They are also meant to decorate the sky, as paintings or sculptures in the sky. That’s why Kite designers are often artists, painters and designers. that is one of the reason i love flying kites. Even kite flyers who use very technical stunt kites for freestyle flying want nice kites with great graphic design.

Some people like Michel GRESSIER in France, like to paint on their kites. He, for exemple, proposed a few years ago to some his graphic designers friends to paint on big Edos kites ( 2 x 4m rectangular japanes kites).


Michel Gressiers Kites

Michel Gressier's Kites


In the same idea, the Moscow kite club organised during his may 2009 festival (the 6th festival), a great event : the ZapfGames, a calligraphy projects (GREEK : calli=beauty / graphy=Hand) or the art of drawing nice letters. More than 50 participants painted on 2×2 sqm sheets Japanese Haiku. A jury of graphic designers chose 10 winners and after adding bamboo, flew 20 great rokkakus together. (Thank you for Mike LOSKOV for sharing those informations – www.prokite.ru )

It seems to me that the ZapfGames are named after Hermann ZAPF and his wife Gudrun ZAPF von HESSE ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Zapf ) one of the greatest typographer of the century ( with his great Optima, Palatino and Zapfino (you have them in you computer if you have a Mac)
sorry i dont read russian but it must be explained on zapfgames.ru…

The great life of Hermann ZAPF on the Linotype site :

Everything about the ZAPFGAMES 09 (especially all the pictures – click on the right handside pictures)




More calligraphy :

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