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Women knicker’s, Dove and Pterodactyl by KARL LONGBOTTOM

For about a year, i suddenly have been much more interested by light single line kites to play indoor or in very light winds in the field, waiting to fly bigger and heavier kites. Those kites are great to watch but they are often even greater to fly.

Here are 3 of my favourite kites at the moment, with lots of innovations, humour, very well design and made by Karl, and at last but not least, quite cheap ! :

The lad’ys knickers, the dove and the amazing pterodactyl i fly this summer in New-York, Bali and so many other places in Indonesia.

Much more informations about Karl on his website :


My Indoor Revolution kite stack demo at the Alcochete Festival 2009

Very light mylar stack with light P100 frame for 3 revs – sorry i am not a pro and it seems to work finely with genuine revs – but the aim is to have a great time – March 2009 in Portugal near Lisbon :


The Air-Yo – IndoorkIte in Portugal

I love that kite – The Air-Yo –
We had such a great time with it at the Alcochete festival, Portugal in March 2009 –
Revolution Kites makes also a kite which is quite similar by its concept – that i have not tried yet –


Fishing with a kite – the Traditional and Modern way

When i went to the Muna Island Kite Festival in August 2009, next to the Sulawesi Island, 4000 km ouest of Jakarta, 300 km est of Borneo, i saw lots of great leaf kites flying high in the sky, but i did not have the chance to see one of the great tradition in flying kites : KITE FISHING.

Back from fishing with kites

Back from fishing with kites


As Wikipedia tels us, even if it is sed that some allusions were done about kites in the greek litterature, it was probably invented in south-est asia, chinese people say China, Indonesian people in Indonesia, New Guinea people…

We all know about the use of kites for war, specially to observe the battle field, but one of the first use of kites was for fishing. There are two different uses for Kites :

• They can provide boatless fishermen access to waters that would otherwise be available only to boats.

• Similarly, for boat owners, kites provide a way to fish in areas where it is not safe to navigate such as shallows or coral reefs where fish may be plentiful. Kites can also be used for trolling a lure through the water.

In the traditional kite fishing, suitable kites may be of very simple construction. Those of Tobi Island are a large leaf stiffened by the ribs of the fronds of the coconut palm. The fishing line may be made from coconut fiber and the lure made from spider webs.

The kite itself is often made from a single dried leaf of a local orchid, strengthened by a pair of slender bamboo rods threaded through the leaf near the margins and crossing one another at the top and bottom. It is most often flown from the end of a long pole, and operated by the fisherman in the front of the canoe. A line extending from the bottom of the kite carries tha bait. There is no hook, only a loop of line. The bait can thus be played on the surface of the water, a long distance from the boat. The fish, usually garfish cruising in shallow water, are snared by their tooth jaws and pulled in by the fisherman.

In Lampung, the water near Mutun village where kite fishing is practiced is known as Hurun Bay. Today, most kite fisherman there plastic and bamboo to build their kites.

Some informations on a japanese website :

A amazing video from the Melanesian Salomon Islands, Santa Cruz Archipelago, 1967 :
all the informations about that movie :


Here is are some pictures in Sulawesy, Indonesia :

A great movie from Thierry DAMILANO filmed in September 2007 in Tongkeina, North Sulawesi, Indonesia :

Some more informations about traditional kite fishing :



Modern kite fishing

Modern kite fishing

kitefishing manual

kitefishing manual

Modern kite fishing is popular in New Zealand where large delta kites of synthetic materials taking a line and hooks far out past the breakers are used to fish from beaches. Kite fishing is also emerging in Melbourne where sled kites are becoming popular, both off beaches and off boats and in freshwater areas. Members of the disabled community are increasingly using kites for fishing, as the kites allow them to cast the bait further out than they would otherwise be able to do. kites are also used to fishin the USA, but not so much in Europe. This technic helps to fish very big fishes which are far from from the shore (200/500 meters ) – (650-1,650 ft)

Kites may have originally been developed in Indonesia as a device for catching game by a very resourceful people. One of the most remarkable of fishing methods involves the use of a kite, attached to the fishing line, then flown over the water past surf and obstructions. Kite fishing has been practiced throughout the South Seas for centuries, but it appears that it originated in West Java, where it spread to the Malay Peninsula.

Modern kite fiching : pêche au cerf-volant moderne

in french :

Selecting a modern kite to fish :

Some other modern kites

Modern Kite Fishing :


One SKY, one WORLD 2009 – 24th Annual Celebration.




You all have read about ONE SKY, ONE WORLD which as at first a political proclamation to reunify the EST and the OUEST during the cold war. Today, the aim of that very special day is to Fly kites worldwide for Peace, Culture, Exchange, Tolerance and understanding.

• ONE SKY osoWWW LiveWeb:

• ONE SKY denver proclamation:

• ONE SKY LiveWeb at Facebook:


This is the last message of our friend TOM JECKEL :

dear friends, ..and again!

One Sky – One World, worldwide kitefling for peace, will be celebrated this sunday, october 11, 2009. Feel welcome to join the worldwide simultaneous kitefly, undivided by borders – only by timezones , Do not forget to send your individual greetings to the worldwide kite+peace community
• by word and/ or PHOTO.
Your photo/s of your kiteflying, kite culture and cultural landscape, and the people, will be placed in the ONE SKY web and album.

pls mail your feedback, photos to webworker tom:


2009 ONE SKY SPECIAL: “crossover travel and exchange” ..
visit other cultural places of osow – and let the world know!
(example: kitefliers from different countries will visit osow
in denver, colorado, usa. webworker tom will visit xiamen, china.
WHERE will you go?)

(denver) “we are trying to Skype this year’s OSOW “World Kite Day”.
The time difference is the challenge.
At this point we have four locations in the States that are willing to participate. A suggestion came through to collect shor…t clips/videos which could be pulled together into a master video.”

send the google adress (.kmz) and i will place it in the overview!


OSOW 2008 - Germany

OSOW 2008 - Germany

OSOW 2008 - BaToCo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

OSOW 2008 - BaToCo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

OSOW official logo by Tom

OSOW official logo by Tom


Ephemere at Berck 2009

My friend Jean APOSTOLIDES and Christophe MAUBOUSSIN are flying their own designed and made Revolution kites as a pair : EPHEMERE
They train in Paris, France, and this was filmed by a cold day at the Berck festival, north of France in April 2009.

I hope you’ll enjoy the precision on a Bobby McFerry song…


My Revolution stack in Central Park, NYC

Here is a recent movie made by my sweet Daphné in Central Park West, New-York City. I was dreaming about flying there for a long time even if the wind is very bad there like in any other cities because of the ( tall ! ) buildings and trees. It was a brand new kite made for the Jakarta Kite Festival the week after, the same week as the the national indonesian day – (that is why it is red and white like the indonesian flag ). It was made as usual with xmass paper ( mylar) and tape.


Flying Turbines which produce energy

When i was a 5, like thouthands of little kids in the 70’s and the 80’s, i received an amazing ROTOR PLANE KITE, a Günther Flugspiele Turboplan 32 Kite (you can now buy through ebay as “old toys”…), with rotating wings, which flyes thanks to the Magnus Effect.
Today, a canadian version (quite similar to the german version) is still made : The areokite.

I guess i was not the only one how loved that kite. It is a part of a larger rotor kite family which is very great as toys but also as energy power supplier.
The toys are commonly caled UFOs Rotor kites, they are not difficult to make and are great in the sunny sky made out of mylar because they move and blinck because they are shinny. (Everything you need to know about Rotor kites is here :

You can also buy then already made by the american brand PRISM as the Flip Kite :


Today, MAGENN and his CTO, Fred Ferugson believe in making energy with the wind with a baloon/rotor kite with less problems and costs, and more wind effective than the traditional wind turbines :

And the 10Kw proof concept sponsored by the Discovery Channel in april 2008 :

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