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Flying Turbines which produce energy

When i was a 5, like thouthands of little kids in the 70’s and the 80’s, i received an amazing ROTOR PLANE KITE, a Günther Flugspiele Turboplan 32 Kite (you can now buy through ebay as “old toys”…), with rotating wings, which flyes thanks to the Magnus Effect.
Today, a canadian version (quite similar to the german version) is still made : The areokite.

I guess i was not the only one how loved that kite. It is a part of a larger rotor kite family which is very great as toys but also as energy power supplier.
The toys are commonly caled UFOs Rotor kites, they are not difficult to make and are great in the sunny sky made out of mylar because they move and blinck because they are shinny. (Everything you need to know about Rotor kites is here :

You can also buy then already made by the american brand PRISM as the Flip Kite :


Today, MAGENN and his CTO, Fred Ferugson believe in making energy with the wind with a baloon/rotor kite with less problems and costs, and more wind effective than the traditional wind turbines :

And the 10Kw proof concept sponsored by the Discovery Channel in april 2008 :


Kites and Energy Research

More than a trend, today, it’s a must to think about new energy sources, especially energy sources from the sun, the wind and the water (aka. underwater turbines and so on…)

The power from aerodynamic airborne wind power systems, airborne wind generators or aerostat-type wind power systems is maybe one of the solutions.

Like Peter Lynn (inventor of the famous Kitecat and lots of other kite devices) tells us that using a kite to pull a boat is not a new idea and still attracts lots of people. he wrote a very interesting article on his personal web site :

The Kitcat at Brighton, England, December 2006

The Kitcat at Brighton, England, December 2006

Different projects exist already all aroud the world, but i will start by a sytem to power cargo ships and saving oil by 10 to 35%. – It’s better than nothing, takes less space than regular sails and the most important saves lot’s of money ( 1500 USD a day) so it can be interresting when the price of fuel rises…

Two firms are making kites for boats and are very near to sell their products :

•1• – A small american company : Saving fuel with kite for sail

•2• – A bigger german company : SkySails GmbH :

in French :

The Skysails system

The Skysails system





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